Coming back.

I open the gate and enter the room. The same old room. The bed sheet looks pale. The yellow tiles are the same. The bed is without a crease and the room looks like a cave. Dark, silent. I release a deep breath and gaze for a moment. Shady. Numb. I wonder if it is the room or is it me? Ruffled, I turn on the lights and the fan and roll my bags in. This is it. The bags have come full circle. And so have I. I am back to the city.
On the bed lies a note from my roomie saying “Welcome back Aayu! I have missed you badly.” I read it and smile. Apparently she has herself made my bed and cleaned the room. Darling, I think.
I make a few calls and drop dead on the bed. Exhausted and spent. It is like entering into your shrunk pajamas after a long day’s work. All I want to do is lie down. Lie down and breathe. Just breathe.



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