Gifts of love

There are three yellowish-white cartoon-printed coffee mugs at my home. They are more or less similar except that one is slightly bigger than the other and the cartoons are somewhat different. So when my mom keeps two cups full of chocolaty bournvita milk on the table, the odds are skyhigh that my dad will end up drinking milk from my brother’s mug. And what happens next is a movie! My brother will squeal and throw a fit! My dad will fill the room with hasty apologies and my mom will chuckle somewhere in the kitchen. “Everyday!”, she’d think.

I have ordered three white cartoon-printed cups to be delivered home for my mom-dad and brother. It is a gift from my first stipend in Mumbai. It is stupid, isn’t it? Well, there lies the beauty. I love their messy lives. I love to see how they can go on fighting over stupid things everyday and still love each other so much. If I would have gifted them three distinct cups, things would have got plain boring and I’d rob myself of the fun movie! They would have their milk quietly and head to work. No uproar, no drama, just routine monotonous indulgence. This is just my little way of keeping the spark alive. Because ladne se pyaar badhta hai. 🙂


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