One line Stories

That panipuriwala near my previous office who used to give me extra puri, just because I was North Indian like him.

That lady who was busy reading a Harward Business Review Article sitting in the crammed seat of the train after a draining day’s work.

That girl who had hugged the first girl who entered the Ladies’ Room and cried buckets without knowing who she was grabbing.

The boy who calls me to implore me to call him in need.

That woman who sobbed doing my facial.

The newspaper vendor who pulls out my newspaper without me saying a word.

The girl who laughs for half an hour on the phone.

The man who was killed in that train accident.

The boy who didn’t tell that it was his birthday even until after one month to his good friend.

The boy whose birthday I forgot but who came all the way to my city on my birthday – just to see me.

The boy who shares a bitter sweet relationship with me, because we’re both messed up.

The girl who regretted that her first kiss was with a dumbass.

The girl who I thought was the toughest and the most cheerful person broke down and cried bitterly for being abused by a friend.

The man who ate food from the plate thrown away in dustbin.

The guy I hugged when I left his city.

The girl who waits for me to call her.

The girl whose call I wait for.

The beggar who wished for my happy married life when I was with this guy on my first date.

The woman who gave me a roof to stay without pay without knowing nothing about me.

The guy who held my hand walking out of the cafe, just to tell me that he would be there just that way.

The lady I met in an auto who unknowingly inspires the shit in me to do something in life.

The girl who taught me the importance of being nice to people, even though they do not be in return.

The person who calls me every morning just to hear my voice.

The man who calls me every night just to know I reached home safe.

The woman who checks my weight every time she sees me, just to determine how much she has to feed me.

The boy whose blankets I have pulled in the nights, only to laugh on his video of me doing it years later.

The girl who recites poetry in bed.



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