Sleep beckons me
after a long day’s work.
It envelopes my spirit
with desires of dreams
of peace and quiet
and comfort and bliss.
In my blanket lies
that enticing abyss
which magnetizes my core
and chips me in.
And though I know
I have not to sleep
Stay stir and wait for him,
sleep is what engulfs me in;
swallows me in it’s black hole
and captures my gullible soul.
Like a shark consumes it’s prey.
And there it comes, the final call
Ah the tussle between desire and guilt!
And I don’t know what wins
’cause a captive I’m caught.
Hushed to sleep.
Lulled to sleep.

There waits my lover
with hopes of sweet nothings.
Cuddly hugs and everyday stories,
a warm embrace and a steamy kiss.

And here I sleep
like a lifeless log.

How selfish.
How mean.


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