Old Friend

I can’t help but get reminded of you.
In random moments, of random days.
Why do you still cross my mind?
Why didn’t my mind dump you
in the graveyard of forgotten memories?
Why is it that it still hurts?
It has been years my friend.
Yet the pain never goes away.

I sometimes wonder
this city is growing bigger and bigger
and our hearts are growing farther and farther
and this world is getting smaller and smaller.
What if I meet you someday?
In the train, or at the station?
Would you come smiling and hug me tight?
Or would you avoid me and look away?
Would you ask me how I have been?
Or would your hi be just a formality?
What will it be like to see you again
when there is nothing to say, nothing to know?

Time has surfaced between our hearts.
No bridge to connect;
No links to join.
How would you behave when you see me?
How would you be,
Old Friend?

Then I think of myself.
And I think and think and think
in the void.
No answer strikes me.
Maybe it really is a void.
Maybe there really is nothing left.
Maybe the graves had long been laid.
Maybe we should never really meet.
Cause if we do,
we wouldn’t know,
what to say,
how to behave.


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