There is an insane calling
the force that pulls my heart.
Of empty roads, forests untouched
green fields and meteor showers.
There is so much I want to see
so many places I want to be;
for working in four walls is so not me.
Some days I have a feeling
I will run away
pack my bag and leave
explore this world I’m born into
watch the sunsets and sing country songs
those fjords of Norway call me
like a mother calls her child
to caress him in her lap.
This calling in my heart
I can’t seem to ignore.
It takes me by storm.
Maybe one day this calling
will be accompanied by strength
and maybe that day I’ll run.
‘Coz these crammed cities with people
with crammed hearts are not for me.
These crammed rooms are not I settle for
when I have the sky to look out for.

I want to travel.
I want to travel the world.



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