It is a brand new year, to make new mistakes. I have never been a great fan of partying on new years, partly because of the stigma I have always felt of not following the norm. It’s probably in-built in my system, or the way I was brought up, I can not say. However what I do believe in, is new beginnings on the new years. If anything, they give you a fresh perspective. They give you an another chance. To be a better person than you were before. It gives you a new hope, a new enthusiasm and a new fire. I do believe in that fire. 

And I also do believe in lists. To do lists. And that satisfaction of crossing something off the list. Ahh. So I gave a considerable thought to make my to do list for the year and you know what they say, you gotta write them down to take the first step!

  1. First of, I’m going to chop my hair this year. And I know everybody is going to shout out to me for not doing it, but somehow I have this intense urge to do it. I just have it in my to do list for so long now. And somehow I feel that I have not yet come to terms with the whole idea, but I want to do it. I can totally imagine myself in bob cut. I donned a bob cut as a kid, and I wanna have it again. They are so easy and low maintenance, not to mention so bold and sexy. I have these visions every now and then of myself in bob cut and how it totally rocks. I will make up my mind this year and do this one. So excited!!

  2. Second on this list is about a job. This year, I’ll be done with my current studies and will have to take up a job. I still have no idea about what am I gonna do in December. It is like a black vision. Can be anything on earth. So I have decided, I will not settle for something sick and boring. I have done work I hated to do and I’m not gonna go there again. Now I will follow my heart. I know it is going to be tough and will need a lot of convincing to a lot of people, but I think I’m pretty much clear about what I DO NOT want to do. So whatever I do from hereon, I will do it because it rings something in me.

  3. Third is a vacation. A month long vacation. I have a few places in my mind, and this year I am going to take a break. Ever since high school I have been working my ass off. Doing jobs I liked, disliked. But doing jobs. This year, I’m going to take a break. And do nothing. Probably go live in the hills for a month. Read, eat, sleep. Rejuvenate. Revive. With friends. Without friends. It is going to mean a lot this year.

There are more on the list, but then sometimes when you say some things, they lose their meaning. Some things should burn inside you like a fire, to keep you going. Some things are meant only for your soul. So I will not speak about them. I will silently be them.


7 thoughts on “Visions

      1. Kish U Agarwal

        My New Year Resolutions…!!!
        Well, I would like to keep writing on issues of utmost public importance & aware the people about their rights and responsibility towards society.
        Yes, there are other resolution too but as rightly said ,” once you say something, meaning is lost”.
        So I will silently pursue them.


  1. divyadeepmantri

    Your posts are always a source of inspiration for me. The way you write and make your words & the reader’s imagination flow coherently is so appealing. I must say that I always get spellbound when I read your blog. I wish I could write like you 😛

    I do hope that you fulfill all your to do and wishes.

    Waiting for your next post eagerly !!


    1. Aayushi

      Thank you DVD 😀
      You write much better than me. Hope you’ll activate your blog again. Because a writer should not be worried about how people perceive their writing. It is not good for the writer in you. Come on start over. 🙂


      1. divyadeepmantri

        Yes I have created a new blog. I think I’m going to post some good writings in there. Waiting for an inspiration to show up.


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