Walk back

We could fight like dogs and wreck havoc. We could shout like maniacs and bring the house down. We could get onto each other’s nerves. We could annoy the hell out of each other. We could hurt each other real bad. We could place our hands on our ears. We could turn our backs and walk in different directions. We could part our ways. We could give up. We could walk away.

Or after all the drama, we could breathe in for a moment and turn around. We could look at each other and burst into laughter and then into tears. We could laugh and cry. “What an idiot!”, I could say. “What a womun!”, you could say. We could walk towards each other. We could hug each other and cry it out. We could cry ourselves to sleep. We could love each other more. We could love each other much more.

We could walk back in.



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