Make believe

We crave for validation, we crave for admiration. We want to be known, we want to be heard, we want to be seen. Here, there, everywhere. We wear faces, a thousand faces for a thousand people. We fake smile, we work-smile, we fake-sympathize, we fake-pity, we say the right things at the right time. We are diplomatic, we are pragmatic. We work to earn. We earn to save. We save to live. We live to work. We go in loops, when we think we are going in straight lines. We work so hard, we forget to live. We feel so much yet it feels so numb. We feel so bad, yet we keep going on. We leave a place, forget those people. We look for new things but we find the same people. We crave new beginnings, we get bored too soon. We look for distractions, we hate being distracted. We plan to do things, we plan and forget. We stock, we hoard things we think will give us happiness; we show them off to people we hate. We crave for likes from strangers; we hope to believe that we live an incredible story. We take people who love us for granted. We constantly look for something new; we hate to give up old ways. We hate to accept we believe in destiny, and we secretly read horoscopes and choose tarot cards. We are judgmental, liars, selfish, narcissists, and all the people we hate for being judgmental, liars, selfish and narcissists. We like to think we are different; we like to believe we are better. In our hearts, we are scared, we are terrified and petrified but we wear a brave face. We like to believe we are good, yet we are only as good as our circumstances. We get lost in philosophy, oh those damned philosophies. We share a quote, read a book, click a pic and get done with a day. We have everywhere to be, yet nowhere to go. We want to have everything, yet ready to lose nothing. We get our hearts broken and break people’s hearts. We are fragile creatures. We have fragile hopes, fragile happiness, fragile desires. We end up, a fragile existence and make up a fragile world. Yet we dance like a peacock, we laugh like a monkey and kiss like swans. We live in madness, hoping to make sense. We dream scary dreams and live scarier lives. We hate to be cynical and we write posts like these. In the end we make believe our happiness, our calm, our inner peace.



6 thoughts on “Make believe

  1. Bharat Parmar

    This is so true. Everyone is firmly aware of this yet no one want to speak on it. and yesss Good people are only as good as their circumstance is 😛

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  3. Anonymous

    Your writing is extraordinarily simplistic and amazing to read. It makes you think, but not so much as it makes you understand yourself and the truth of the world. Said beautifully.


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