10:35 PM

It has been a cool windy day. Soft drizzles and city noise.

I look outside my window into the dark night. The moon is hanging on the lightly luminescent branch of the distant tree. It has been an oddly satisfying day. The day which begun with a tired, snoozed up morning to the one fading with soft rustles of trees outside the window mixed with soul reggae saxophone inside the window.

I have run out of shoes again. I have a manufacturing defect per se my feet are not made for sophisticated pumps. A broad foot that I have been gifted with tears open the lining of my footwear from the sides. This time I have screwed up my new branded shoes. Oh dear God help my oh so tiny feet.

Last night’s Fanta bottle lays by the side of the table, all fizzed out. I want to throw it away, but I like the tangy taste. I will keep it for a while before one day running out of space and throwing it away in a fit.

I am on a revamp mode. New music. New itinerary. New things on my mind. I have a feeling, everything is coming up roses. One day at a time.





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