Doing something

Too much noise about everything. Extend a hand and there are millions waiting to grab your hand and show you the way. Their way. 

But which hand do you choose? That’s a question.

Whom do you trust? When everyone out there is selling themselves, and you know all about them marketing hacks, whom do you really trust?

Chaos. Humongous chaos.

And voices.

And opinions.

Sometimes, everything matters. Other times, nothing does. For the times they are a-changin’.

But then at all times, one thing is constant. Distractions. You think too much, you weigh your options and you do your research. You make those lists of pros and cons and you get lost in the confusion. And then you find something. Something new, something different, something that takes your breath away. And lo and behold, that something becomes your main thing and before long you forget your old lists. And times, they a-change.

So for now, you are good.


Someday, you will do something.



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