Of late, I have grown more quiet than usual. And I’m not referring to the silent-non-conversational-introvert-quiet. By quiet I mean I haven’t been talking my heart out, those deep soul-cleansing, heart-pouring conversations. It happens with me every time I move to a new city. I grow observant, lonely and over protective. Partly because I make friends in a long long time. You may say I have trust issues, I do. I can talk to you all about the rent structures in my neighborhood, how I manage my food and how much I pay to my maid. I do generally go through these conversations on a daily basis. These are important practical conversations about real issues which everyone faces in big cities. But at the end of the day, nobody feels full talking about the rent in their neighborhood.

Today however, I had two impromptu conversations with two people I meet everyday. Hour-long, unguarded, honest soul shit. It felt better, God it felt so much better.

I love the first times when two people open their hearts to each other. Be it over a beer, or over a sea shore. That vulnerable moment, when for the first time they decide to break their walls and say what they feel, what they truly feel. No judgments, only conversations. It’s like baring your body for the first time to your lover, only this time you bare your soul.

I am a great believer of deep friendships. The kind of friendship that takes time to develop, ripe and then eventually you start enjoying the person’s company. It’s like learning a new skill, as you know more, gradually it gets better. It’s not instant noodles, it’s slow-cooked oven cake.


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