My throat feels blue. I woke up feeling excruciatingly debilitated like something smacked me in my stomach. For some reason my toe hurt and my eyes are tired of opening and closing every second. I can feel my stomach and that is not a good thing. My head feels heavy to hold and my heart seems to fall apart. I feel sick. Mentally, physically. I speak no words but own a million thoughts. Like a sap, I lay in my winter bed, waiting for time to heal me.




Weary moods envelop me as I wake up. Jaded silence in this sombre room. Another day, I think to myself. Wrapped in my blanket, I peek into the world. A few birds here and there. Sounds of falling leaves. Amidst the ubiquitous ennui, I feel my heart…drifting away…

Some days you just want to be inside. Let the world do its own thing. Because some days, there is just too much world.

What a beautiful mess, I think. Inside and outside.


Fall it is.


100 words: Days

This one day I was traveling back home in the train, tears flowing from my eyes. I was broken into suppressed convulsive sobs. I don’t cry easily. But some days this city breaks my heart. The women sitting across pretended not to notice. Perhaps they were annoyed.

This other day I came back in the train overjoyed at my achievement. Throughout my journey, I couldn’t help but grin sheepishly recalling the spectacular turn of events. Some days this city gets me so high!  The women sitting across stared and then dismissed me as bonkers. Perhaps they were jealous.