It is so important to realize that here, right now, we are living our dreams. As I write this, I have my eyes set on the next goal, next milestone, but at the same time I can’t do away from the fact that three years ago, this is where I wanted to be at this time, right now. We do not always have to feel anxious about what our future holds for us. Sometimes looking ahead gives us nerves, in such cases, look behind. You’ve sure come a long way, and even in times when it seemed impossible to carry on, you still made it till here. So more probable than not, you’re going to glide swiftly through ahead as well. It is so selfish to always look for what you don’t still have and not be grateful for what you have achieved so far. You can’t beat time. You can’t. Things will fall in place when the time comes, but till then, while you are in the process, make sure you design every piece to the finest so that it can fit into the bigger picture when the time comes. Process, dear friend, is more important than the results. You get the process right, the result is sorted.


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